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Secrets from the Styling Chair

by Bill O'Sullivan
13th Feb 2015

We caught up with this year’s Best Hair Stylist nominees of the IMAGE Business of Beauty Awards, and they gave us the lowdown on what’s hot and what’s not.



What hairstyle have you regretted rocking most?

?When I was 17 I did the Geri Halliwell white stripe down the front and copper at the back! I thought I was the bee’s knees for about two days, then reality kicked in.? ?Pamela Morrisey, Sobe Brown


?I was hairdressing in the 80’s, so as you can imagine I fell victim to the perm. The exact technique at the time was called the weave and leave. Think tight black curls with wisps of straight strands. It literally looked like beans and toast on top of my head.? Stephen Kelly, Zeba



Rudest thing a client can do in a salon?

?Cancelling an appointment 10 minutes before they are due in and talking on the telephone the entire time. How are we meant to get our job done???Jordan Mooney, Com Hairdressing


?Clients who talk down to staff working at reception or a trainee stylist and then change personality talking to me or another senior stylist. It is really something that makes my blood boil and something that I think clients need to be more aware of. We all have to start somewhere!??Stephen Kelly, Zeba Hair Salon



How should a client go about not getting stuck into small talk conversations with their hairstylist?


“Get stuck into a magazine or a book. When you’ve been a stylist long enough, you learn to read body language. If you don’t feel like talking , then say it. Communication is key to get what you want from your stylist and we are here to provide the best service that we can”?Helga Shw?rer

How does a client go back to their stylist after cheating on them with another stylist?

?Very gingerly! They have to come in like it’s a confessional, with the big smile and the ‘forgive me’ eyes. I usually give them one strike!” Jenny Crawford, Kazumi



?I think we take it more seriously than it is! It’s human nature to want to change around. You can have too much of a good thing. If you venture off, we’re here with open arms when you come back. It’s a mindset and we need to shake it off!? Pamela Morrisey, Sobe Brown




What are the most requested hairstyles of 2015 so far?

?The transition from over-the-top styling to a current, more relaxed and dishevelled look. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s new look pretty much sums up the mood of the season.”?Roy Leigh, Brown Sugar


“Boho vintage, which is presently the long boho bob, otherwise known as the ‘lob’, like Sienna Miller’s. Or, on the contrast, a heavy, strong, short look which is very asymmetrical.”?Helga Shw?rer

A photo posted by Sam McKnight? (@sammcknight1) on Jan 27, 2015 at 4:19am PST

What is the best instagram account for hair inspiration?

?My all-time favourite has to be Sam McKnight.? Jordan Mooney, Com Hairdressing

?I’m more old-style so I use books, not Instagram. I started hairstyling in the late ’70s so I’m one of the old hard-copy people! Past designers inspire me: at the moment I’m reading Coco Chanel’s biography and I just finished Vivienne Westwood’s (I actually worked for her, which was amazing for my career).” Jenny Crawford, Kazumi




What are your favourite celebrity looks?


?I really like Cara Delevingne, Kate Moss, Georgia May Jagger and Sienna Miller. I love the whole rock chick vibe with messy, dressy textured hair. They represent a culture in hair that translates to my everyday life in the salon.? Stephen Kelly, Zeba


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