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Make-Up To Hide A Hangover

09th Dec 2014

While we would never advocate intemperate drinking, this is the season of excess – so if you do go hell for leather on the eggnog, we’re here to help.? Fool your colleagues with our simple steps to hiding a hangover; no-one but you, your partners in crime and your aching head need ever know.

1. It’s one thing to act like a bad apple but quite another to look like one; dehydration leads to tiny (temporary) fine lines around your eyes and forehead, like a Granny Smith that’s started to dry out.? So before you do anything else, smooth a hydrating primer over cleansed and moisturised skin, to help plump up those tell-tale signs. Smashbox and Hourglass make amazing primers, and you won’t go wrong with anything on this best ever primer list.

Shop it here.

2. From your foundation, you want coverage that won’t appear heavy or cakey, or cling to your dried out complexion. We’ll let you in on a little secret: bases aimed at older skin tend to have generous coverage levels and a face-flattering, satin finish – just what you need for the morning after the night before. We love the Clarins Extra-Comfort Anti Age Foundation and Shiseido’s Future Solution Lx Total Radiance Foundation; the anti-aging properties in both are very kind to hungover skin. Or so we’ve heard.

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3. Trust us: no matter how ashen the complexion, a good cream blusher will help to turn things around. Choose something with a soft, dewy finish and a face-enlivening shade. We love corals and peachy pinks, which will magically lift and brighten your complexion (if not your mood). ?Stila Cosmetics Convertible Colors can also be used on the lips; follow up with your favourite lip balm.

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4. Resist the urge to trowel on your thickest concealer – even for bags so big, that they wouldn’t meet cabin restrictions. It will only cake and crease, drawing more notice to your poor, tired eyes and dark circles. Instead, distract from the problem with Chantecaille’s Le Camouflage Stylo; although sheer, it reflects the light and will hydrate the under-eye area.

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5. Complete the transformation with a shimmery champagne shadow, to neutralise red eyes, and bring much needed light to the face. Kevyn Aucoin’s Shimmer Shadow in Candlelight is ideal for subtle illumination; it comes with a roller-ball for fool-proof application.

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Emma Henderson @FluffyBlog