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My day in beauty with Caroline Foran: “I’m aware that my ageing could accelerate”

by Aisling Keenan
11th Apr 2019

Journalist and author Caroline Foran has written two books, is currently travelling the US promoting them and yet still finds time to wake up flawless. I asked her what her routine was like, and which products she rates…

“My day to day beauty routine is fairly simple and to be honest could do with a little work. I’ve always had good skin which in a way means I have neglected it somewhat because I felt no sense of urgency with making it look and feel good. I have gotten better over the years though, and know so much more now about the importance of things such as SPF, and now that I’m in my 30s I’m aware that my ageing could accelerate if I don’t take care of it and nourish it.”
“I try to put something more hard working on when I go to bed – such as a cream with retinol in it – so that it can get to work while I sleep. Ritual wise, I do my skincare and then I dry my hair and then I apply make-up – I really think skincare needs a few minutes to absorb, otherwise your make-up will go on funny.”

Caroline’s skincare picks:

Cleanser: Image Clear Cell Cleanser and Biofresh Probiotic Cleanser
Moisturiser: Murad City Skin SPF – I love this because it’s super light, gives me the protection I need and has never given me any issues. Environ Essenti-A retinol moisturiser is fantastic too
Serum: Image Skincare Iluma serum, I just don’t think you can get a better serum and it brightens the skin so much, the texture is amazing and I feel quite happy to go make-up free with this serum.
Hand cream: CeraVe is my go-to brand for my skin elsewhere on my body. It’s really practical, it does what it’s meant to and there’s nothing sinister in the ingredient list.
Exfoliator: I love the Murad AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanser. I prefer not to use exfoliators that have harsh textures – I think it’s better to exfoliate generally with acids but this is a lovely gentle option for when you need a bit of a deeper cleanse and it’s also great on your arms and legs too.
Spot treatment: I love Acne Out lotion to pop directly onto spots whenever I get one or if it’s a particular baddie I like Mario Badescu Drying Lotion.
“Almost everything I use has been recommended to me by my pal Jennifer Rock of The Skin Nerd. I trust her more than anyone when it comes to skincare.”
Caroline’s skincare tip:
“My top skincare tip is to take care of your skin topically and internally and really start to believe that poor lifestyle choices will be visible in your skin – even too much stress will show itself there. Nutraceuticals is a huge and worthy trend in recent years and I find it’s not enough to just apply stuff on your skin.”

Caroline’s make-up picks:

Foundation: MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. I get asked most about my foundation and people are always shocked to hear it’s something as ‘heavy’ as this product. I use it lightly and I feel that with the Illuma underneath it manages to appear dewy. I still like the full coverage – it’s just what I’m used to.
Primer: Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter. Sometimes I will use this on its own or underneath foundation or I’ll add a bit on top of my Studio Fix for more glowiness.
Blush: My secret weapon is Mac Cream Colour Base in Hush. I get so many questions about it and it is an incredible product. Typically it’s worn on the cheekbones but I use it on the apples of my cheeks to create a fuller plumper effect. It’s a product that makes you look so healthy even if you’re under the weather.
Mascara: I love Benefit They’re Real. I’ve tried so many and I keep coming back to this brand I think they excel when it comes to mascara and brow products.
Brows: Currently I’m using a pencil from Tom Ford that was recommended to me by Kim O’Sullivan and when it comes to brows, I follow her lead.
Liner: MAC Black Track liner in the pot is my all time favourite.
Eyeshadow: I gravitate towards Urban Decay. You really don’t need anything beyond the Naked Palette to create a gorgeous look.
Caroline’s make-up tip:
“I think my best beauty tip is to always have the MAC Cream Colour Base in your kit. It will change your life.”

Caroline’s hair picks:

Shampoo: Anything by Redken that protects colour
Dry shampoo: Bedhead Oh Bee Hive is hands down the best dry shampoo I’ve ever used
Conditioner: I adore Orofluido Elixir Oil which I tease through my hair before drying it
Mask: I’ll usually use something from Kerastase who do the best masks
Tools: I have given up using hair straighteners and tried to learn how to blow dry my hair better so that I’m damaging it less