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5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Tan

28th Jun 2017

Going abroad and looking naturally bronzed in a bikini is always a struggle for any Irish woman with a translucent skin tone. And what about those of us who never seem to go even a darker shade of pale? Preparation and the right products are key – it isn’t enough to simply slather on some sun lotion and toast your limbs in the heat. In terms of product, Bronz’ Express – who launched the first self-tanning lotion ever created in the world in 1960 – has a range tailored for those who want to maintain their tan in the summer sun.

Their Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion (?15.95) is the first self-tanning lotion on the market which produces a natural tan in a few hours just like a real suntan – yes, even for those who don’t tan naturally. Thanks to its tinted colour it?helps you get a streak-free instant tan. And for those who prefer the consistency of a gel, their?Tinted Self-Tanning Gel (?18.50) is a non-greasy tinted texture for a natural tan which also leaves no streaks and provides a long-lasting complexion all year round. Finally, their?Magic Radiance Drops (?22.95) are ideal if you’re new to the tanning game.?Just mix a few drops with your favourite skin care to get a radiant, yet subtle sun-kissed glow while enjoying the benefits of your daily face and/or body care.

But how do we really get the most out of our tan while on holiday? Bronz?Express expert Oonagh Clarke revealed her secret tips on pre-holiday tanning and when on holiday:


  • Preparation before your holiday is essential as it creates the canvas for the perfect tan so for the week prior to your trip, it is recommended to moisturise your skin daily to prep your skin.
  • The day before applying your tan or getting a spray tan, exfoliate 24 hours prior to flying. The Bronz?Express Tinted Self- Tanning Lotion is ideal or if you have time to go to your salon to get Bronz?Express spray tan (comes in 4 shades: PP1, PP2, PP3 and PP4).

When On Holiday

  • Make sure that you have showered the colour guide off before you swim as if you don’t the colour will come off in the pool or the sea.
  • Chlorine and salt both dehydrate the skin, so it is important to moisturise well during your holiday.
  • Bronz?Express does not contain any sun filters, so it is crucial to protect your skin with products containing SPF.

One of the originalities of the Bronz’ Express formulas is the combination of several active ingredients – including the D.H.A – that interact with amino acids present at the level of the skin’s corneous layer and thus activate the colouring process – so the products do what they say on the tin.

Bronz?Express is stocked in all pharmacy groups including Lloyds Pharmacy, McCabes Pharmacy, Sam McCauley Chemists, Shaws Department Stores, Medicare and most independent pharmacies.