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4 Super-Facials Guaranteed To Give You Glowing Skin

by Melanie Morris
06th Jul 2017

We’ve moved on from relaxation techniques, and back to what a facial is all about: glowing skin. MELANIE MORRIS outlines the latest super-facials on the market that promise real results.



A multi-step treatment that includes microdermabrasion, LED light therapy, and oxygen infusions to deliver results that last for days. After cleansing, the smoothing microdermabrasion wand simultaneously delivers rejuvenating red and blue light therapy. This new-generation version avoids vacuum suction or overly-harsh exfoliating materials, so there’s no downtime, just uplift. The treatment also involves lots of skin-plumping massage before the O2 infusion helps plump skin, to minimise the appearance of wrinkles, and increase circulation for a more vital complexion. Great for a single fix ahead of big summer occasions and days/nights out, or as a course for more long-term, collagen-boosting benefits. Each treatment is 75 minutes, €150, or book a course of six for €750 and receive one free. Available at Aqua Beauty, 6 The Hill, Stillorgan, Dublin 18, aquabeauty.ie



One of the industry’s solid hero products, Liquid Gold by Alpha-H is an Aussie potion high in alpha-hydroxy acid to act as a gentle but thorough and speedy peel. Results can be seen in 20 minutes, although the at-home product is an overnight one, where you wake to clear, glowing, smooth skin (yes, honestly – we’ve tried it). The facial is relaxing, with head, hand and foot massage as well as a detailed skin consultation, extraction, hydrating mask and treatment with the precious Liquid Gold. This stimulates skin cells down in the deeper layers, sloughing off old surface matter to let the vibrant new skin shine through. An instant brightener that can be maintained at home. This treatment can also be used to prep the skin for a more intensive 30% glycolic and hyaluronic peel or 40% salicylic, mandelic and lactic acid peel. Treatments are 55 minutes, €80 at Oslo Beauty, 67 Mespil Road, Dublin 4, inoslo.ie.



Those looking for the most effective facial combine this with a Skin Scope scan, which analyses the face in daylight, and LED light to create a super-bespoke treatment. Then it’s down to business. The clarifying facial is a multi-step system created to clear the skin, combat excess oiliness and minimise pores. It also replenishes dry areas that result from treating the oilier parts. Usually consisting of double exfoliation, massage and mask with plenty of added antioxidants, the treatment can be adjusted to swap in a peel if deemed appropriate. Plenty of luxury, but highly effective, the home-use programme incorporates SkinCeuticals products used in the treatment. Treatments are 60 minutes, from €125; Skin Scope is an extra €20 and 15 minutes at The Marker Hotel, Grand Canal Square, Dublin 2, themarkerhoteldublin.com.



Anyone who used to get facials in the 1980s will remember CACI – Computer Aided Collagen Induction – a face (and body) treatment that used electric current to stimulate collagen production and temporarily push muscles (face, bum, even breasts) back to where they came from. If you remember the treatment, then you are absolutely a candidate for the 2016 version, whereby the CACI machine has even more power, programmes and uses. For the face, it offers instant lift; improves skin tone, clarity and texture; hydrates and de-bloats. The multi-step treatment incorporates modern microdermabrasion, lymphatic drainage, a mask with super-hydrating serum, and various sweeps of light-therapy and electric current ‘magic? wands. A great all-rounder that works best as part of an intensive, six-in-four week series. Our favourite gadget was the ?wrinkle comb?, which charged hydration in a lined area to magically puff out deep furrows. Treatments are 90 minutes each, €125 at Edvard & Pink, Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin 14, pinkbeautyemporium.ie.

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