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Tiny homes Ireland: this company is bringing design-forward modular housing to Ireland

by Megan Burns
08th May 2023

Quick, cost effective and sustainable compared to traditional buildings, modular housing hasn’t been widely embraced in Ireland, but Endee is hoping to change that.

Based between Ireland and Germany, Endee is a company that works on the development, financing and structuring of impact-driven and sustainable architecture. 

One kind of building which is not common in Ireland, but which is a good solution to many situations, is modular prefabricated buildings. As Jilly Hullmann of Endee explains, they are common in Germany, and they have worked there on many projects involving them, which gave them the idea to bring Koda structures to Ireland. 

As well as this, a huge benefit of this type of building is their quick installation time. “The Kodas are completely turnkey,” Jilly says. “You can order one and move into a fully finished building 5 months later. And production in a factory leads to a higher quality of build than traditional construction methods on site.” 

They are useful not only to those looking for an alternative solution to housing. “I see boutique wedding venues giving money away every week to larger hotels in the area when their guests have nowhere to stay on site,” Jilly says, “but the Kodas are an amazing opportunity to expand their accommodation and typically your investment cost has paid off within 5 years. This is a huge difference to a typical build.”

Photo by Tonu Tunnel

What is perhaps most amazing is that installation only takes one day. “The Koda arrives fully finished and wrapped on the back of a truck and is hoisted into place with a crane and connected,” Jilly says. “The installation takes one day and clients can move in the next.”; @kodaireland

KODA by Kodasema® is a registered trademark of Kodasema OÜ. Kodasema is an architecture and design led, sustainable modular building solutions company.