Women Will Kiss 19 Frogs Before Finding The One

A new study'suggests that women kiss an average of 19 frogs before she stumbles upon the one.

According to a female-focused British study on 2000 participants by Smint (launching its new strawberry flavour for breast cancer awareness), there's scarce a woman who meets the person of her dreams on her first outing. We endure the most amount of bad kisses when we're at the age of 21 and chances are, there will be about four kisses in your lifetime that you'll regret. Shockingly, 44% of women revealed that they've kissed at least one married man in their time, accounting for at least one that they'd rather erase, while others regretted getting up close and personal with a work colleague (32%).

Furthermore, 11% of those surveyed said that one point in their lives they'd shared a snog with their boss (always a no no)


As for where they eventually meet Mr or Mrs right? Pubs (26% and clubs (23%). 33% of those surveyed said they met their match after being introduced by a friend while the rest, we assume find love online.

On the subject of kissing and how it can make or break a match, lead researcher Donna Dawson says: "Kissing is a very powerful action and should be used carefully. Lips are integral to 'mating rituals' as they send sensory information to our brains, which in turn connects to our pleasure and arousal zones. The chemicals in our saliva also act to heighten the physical attraction between two people. All of this works to create a strong emotional bond between a kissing couple and gives them the illusion of instant compatibility, when this may not be the case in reality. Psychologists have maintained for years that the best way to meet an ideal partner is through a network of friends. Friends have your best interests at heart, and know what you are like and who you might be attracted to. Otherwise, meeting strangers in venues where the atmosphere is sexually-charged and alcohol-fuelled runs the risk of affecting your judgement about a potential partner's compatibility and true intentions - and that includes kissing them!"

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