Why You Need To Talk About Pensions

Today marks National Women's Pensions Day, and before you hit the snooze button, we're going to implore you to take a few moments from your day to have a think about pensions. Because this Serious Life Choice is just that, and you need to sit down and think about securing your future.

Here are just some reasons you should research setting up a pension:

71% of women do not have a pension

The amount of women opting for pensions is falling. A recent Standard Life survey found that the number of women over 18 with pensions had dropped from 42% to 29%. That's a worrying trend in today's world. Of the men surveyed, 41% owned a pension. That kind of statistical disparity will lead to massive gender equality down the line. ?In 2012, the difference was much smaller, with 42% of women compared to 54% of men having pensions. We need to close that gap.

You will need one


The state pension currently brings in €12000 a year. You wouldn't accept that if you were working, so why accept it as a reality after you have spent your life working really hard. Also, the pensions fund that the government use to ?help? all its senior citizens is constantly under threat. Best to start a pension and look after yourself. As all those blokes whistled along to in the Michael Caine classic, The French Connection, it's the self-preservation society.

Pensions will save you money

Pensions tax relief comes into the higher rate of 40%, so you're talking tax break. The words tax break are good words, you should be nodding in agreement and thinking about getting a pension.

The knowledge is out there

Standard Life are running an event this June in Dublin City Centre to share all their knowledge with you. ?Everything You Wanted To Know About Pensions But Were Afraid To Ask? takes place on Saturday 6 June, 2015 in the Standard Life building, 90 St Stephen's Green, Dublin 2. Financial reporters from the Irish Times and Sunday Business Post will be on hand as well as Jim Connolly, the head of pensions in Standard Life. That's a lot of brains to pick. Email [email protected] for more information and to apply for a place at the event.

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