Watch: Why It's So Important To Take A Break

When you have a big project looming, the best strategy sometimes seems to be to buckle down and work work work until the thing is done. However, as you may know, this is, according to scientists who study productivity, really?counterproductive. Instead of enabling our productivity to flow and thus, allowing us to reach our full potential creatively, working solidly for hours on end just yields tiredness. Breaks help you stay focused, energised, and as it turns out, having a nap is an excellent idea too; it helps improve your memory skills, and this is crucial if we're going to perform any task well.

Why else is it so important to take consistent breaks throughout your working day? The crowd over at Science of Us have compiled this handy video explaining the above in more detail. Watch it below and if you're partial to skipping your daily lunch breaks while in the office, it will soon be a new week so start it on the right note. And if you're still in need of something to increase your productivity while you take that time out, we recommend looking at pictures of cute animals?- something scientifically proven to help with this.


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