Watch: For Every Woman Who's Been Called a Bitch

It's been a weird year for women in the workplace. Sheryl Sandberg was still riding the book revenues wave with her Ban Bossy campaign that pulled in the likes Beyonc? to tell little girls to reject the label bossy. On the other side of the lady argument Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso taught us to emgrace our inner #girlboss. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella found himself crowned king of Not Getting It when he said women should wait for raises, as opposed to asking for them. And then Facebook were offering to freeze our eggs? It was very confusing time for those of us trying to balance employment with empowerment.

Some gas gals over at Columbia Business School have made a corporate education video about what happens when someone tries to label you a bitch in the boardroom just because you're assertive. Female students sing along to the tune of breakout summer song 'All About That Bass' and we guarantee you're going to be humming this one on tea break for a week.


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