Watch: Celebrities Recite Lyrics To Justin Bieber's Sorry And It's Epic

It's Friday, and we're ready to have some fun. Putting these thespians' acting ability to the test, here Vanity Fair have taken inspiration from W magazine's Hotline Bling adaptation by recruiting a whole host of actors to recite the lyrics to our favourite song of the 21st century: Justin Bieber's Sorry. Yes, that's a pretty big claim to make but it's an absolute banger of a tune, and you know it. We can see you, humming it in your head right now as you resist the urge to bust your moves at your office computer. These guys know it too, apart from maybe Jon Hamm who really looks like he'd rather be somewhere else. Get set to watch John Krasinski tear up to the point that you'll start blubbing too and stay tuned 'til the end when Judd Apatow loses the plot in a fit of despair; it's hilarious. Elsewhere we have the amazing Maya Rudolph, Ellen Page, Nick Jonas, Kathryn Hahn and many, many more. We'd quite happily watch these guys recite the lyrics to any pop song all day long.


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