BGT contestant Emma Jones Stuns Crowd

This weekend, it would appear, yet again, that another star was born on Britain's Got Talent. It's always the ones you least expect it from that deliver the most astonishing vocal. 23-year-old Emma Jones arrived on stage, very quiet and very nervous, and then unleashed her version of Ave Maria on the unsuspecting judging panel and jaw-dropped audience. Of course, while the crowd were almost reduced to tears for this girl who clearly didn't realise how talented she was, Simon Cowell's eyes glistened with two big Dollar signs. Will he make millions from Emma Jones?

"I just wanted to try it and see if you liked my voice," said the very sweet Emma before she began.

"You should be confident, Emma, you have a fantastic voice," said David Walliams. 'Very few of us could sing like that and you should come out and sing like a winner, because that's what you are.'


Simon then added: 'I really like you. Actually, I'm going to change that - I love you.'


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