Watch: This Ad Captures The Joy Of Food (And Dancing)

Is anyone else put off by those overtly glossy food?ads? You know the M&S-type ones that make you feel starving even though you've just eaten a three-course-meal for one? (I can feel you judging me, but I regret nothing). The thing is, I love all M&S food and food in general but that type of food-too-good-to-eat advertising grates on me (even though their job is done as even now I'm thinking about lunch) because it isn't what 'real life' food looks like, unless you're lucky enough to dine in a five-star restaurant?every night of the week. I feel the same way about the way wellness and clean eating is depicted because I think clinical, Instagram-worthy food snaps almost take the joy out of eating. I mean, really eating. ?Wanting to eat everything so quickly that it's not healthy with table manners that would leave Merry Berry shaking her head in shame. Laughing so hard that you slurp and splutter your Friday wine.

That's why I love?the new Sainsbury's?campaign. It's a strange ad; people are happy, doing weird I'm-so-happy-I'm-going-to-eat-this-deadly-meal dances in kitchens but they look so joyful to be preparing food that I was grinning from ear to ear after watching it on the train. There's no uber-sexy woman winking as she seductively bites a sliver of chocolate, they are regular people, dying to tuck in. And how rare is it that we see that these days? They have some glossy foodie shots, of course, but they really work because the concept is so strong. Its message is simple: that it's okay to love to eat food. These days, we have enough 'foodporn' so it's great to be reminded just how happy actually?eating food makes people - long after the glossy ads have finished.

Watch it below:


Early lunch? Don't mind if we do.

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