Watch: 6 Minutes of Beyonce's Home Videos

If you're looking for a first hand insight into what life is like for the world's most celebrated power couple, it seems Beyonce and Jay Z are the gift that just keep on giving.

In their continued bid to silence critics who suggest that their relationship is on the rocks, which kicked off around the time of Solange-gate, the pair took to the final night of their On The Run tour to share a six minute montage of some home videos.

Arm in arm with Jay Z, Beyonce accompanies the video with a live rendition of Halo, whilst the rest of the world watches on as Blue Ivy goes from baby bump right through to a beautiful bundle of joy. They've even included footage from her birthing suite. Never seen before footage of the couple's wedding is also revealed.

Where other celebrities will shun the press and tell them where to shove it when they question their private lives, whether their relationship is in trouble or not or even whether their pregnancy is a hoax, Beyonce and Jay Z really do seem to care what people think, determined to turn the tide on the various conspiracy theories that have circled them for numerous years. Furthermore, they seem to go against the celebrity grain in that they've got no qualms whatsoever with making what seems like very private, intimate moments become very public.

Needless to say, the pair will say that this is for nobody but their fans, but in a world where celebrities are constantly begging for the press and the parparazzi to respect their private lives, could it be argued that this may serve only to perpetuate the obsession?


Of course, if they want to share intimate details of their lives with the public, they've ever right to do so, and we'll certainly continue to lap it up, given that Blue's cuteness levels are absolutely off the charts.


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