This is why #TwitterTree is trending on social media today

The hashtags #TwitterTree and #MyNameIs are being shared on social media to raise awareness for homeless children in Ireland.

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Almost 4,000 children are without a home this Christmas; with many staying in emergency accommodation such as hotels and B&Bs.

About the campaign

Led by Mick Caul, campaigners have placed a Christmas tree outside the Dáil on Kildare Street. They have decorated it with photos of children in need of a home; as well as with messages to the government regarding the ongoing homeless crisis.


Mick is asking Twitter users to tweet their thoughts on homelessness using the hashtags #MyNameIs and #TwitterTree. Each tweet will then be printed onto a star, which will be hung from the tree as a reminder of the work to be done.

Campaigners hope their efforts will encourage the government (particularly Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and housing minister Eoghan Murphy) to resolve the worsening housing problem more quickly.

Examples of #TwitterTree

There have been so many people tweeting about homeless children that #TwitterTree is now trending in Ireland. Here are just some examples of the messages being shared:



Top photo: Mick Caul via Twitter

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