What To Do Today: Your IMAGE Guide To Electric Picnic

at Electric Picnic this weekend??Here are our top five picks of things to do and see! Happy weekend from IMAGE.

Feel The #SoundEffect With Pieta House

If you've been keeping an eye on social this past week then chances are you've come across the #SoundEffect hashtag. It's the latest of social campaigns by Pieta House which aims to?highlight the little moments of soundness that are happening every day on the island of Ireland to create a huge wave of sound.?At this year's festival, A Lust For Life and Pieta House will explore ?being sound? and mental wellness with lots of great guests over three days at the?Theatre?Stage in?Mindfield. In addition to presenting the Wall of Sound, A Lust For Life will also launch? ?The Little Book of Sound?: a digital guide to share our ideas on how to use being sound to help our minds and our society - and a little on the science that supports that! Find more info here.


Go To A Rave In A Field Here

If you've never been to a Morning Gloryville rave and you are at/going to EP this year then you have to stick Rave In A Field on your to-do list. In Morning Gloryville fashion, there will also be yoga, massages, DJs, dancing, hugging, face glitterification, Conga lines and ravey vibes. ?Find them at the 3Disco in the main arena from 11 am?to 2 pm. Click here for more info.

Curry Chips FTW

A theatre of food ascends to the grounds of EP each year, bringing with it some of the best food connoisseurs in Ireland. Theatre of Food is where the most talented food lovers in Ireland get all funky, all weekend long. From?Assassination Custard?to?Rosanna Davison, from?Finn N? Fhaol?in?to?Fintan O?Toole, from drum supremo?Ralph Rolle?to sushi supremo?Takashi Miyazaki. But come 4:30 am, there's nothing quite like hot, cheesy curry chips, is there? Find the food theatre at Mindfield and explore the surrounding vendors that the area has to offer.

Reduce The Harm With Ana Liffey


One of the most colourful nights out in Dublin city, MOTHER is bringing it's eccentricity and love to the festival this weekend,'delivering the best in disco & electronic tunes ?til the wee small hours. Expect glittery debauchery, spandex leggings, shiny leg warmers and probably a head dress or two...Find them at Earthship tomorrow night from midnight to 4 am.


If you're still desperate for tickets, keep an eye on #gigfairy on Twitter

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