A how-to for the daunting task of getting the baby room ready

It has been a while since I kitted out a nursery, but once I started looking for pieces, it felt like only yesterday: the excitement, but at the same time the panic in choosing the right items for this very precious room, preparing for the unknown for the very first time.


First dilemma was getting the baby crib. I ended up panicking and just borrowing a baby basket from a friend, which was a mistake because, as all new parents know, the time you had before the baby arrives no longer exists. So for any new moms- or dads-to-be now, consider the award-winning, beautifully designed and locally produced Bababou. I love the idea that you can pull the Bababou right up to your bed and co-sleep with your baby, without bed sharing. When your baby outgrows the crib stage (which happens way too quickly), the Bababou can be changed into a bench for the playroom or even a children's desk. 

Hugg® Bedside Crib, €399, Bababou



The Coco 3-in-1 cot grows with your baby, which is great, cause babies sure do grow fast. Bunny & Clyde, based in Kenmare, creates a range of design-led nursery furniture, that is wonderfully versatile, and places sustainability at the top of the list. Coco 3 in 1 Cot is baby’s first bed, then transforms into a toddler bed and also a super chic daybed. 

Coco 3-in-1 C0t, Bunny & Clyde


Way back when I was kitting out our baby room, I found an old wooden kids' chair at an auction house and bought it mostly because I thought it was adorable. Little did I know that it would be one of the most used items in the room: something to hold on to while taking those first steps, sitting down to learn how to tie shoe laces, creating art (pulled up to a desk), and later a step to reach the top shelves and eventually becoming the perfect dumping chair when they start playing dress up. The mouse chair is not only cute, but practical too. 


No Fred Mouse Chair, €184, Lamb 


 Time flies and before you know it your new born will be onto solids. The bamboo baby set by Cink is made from organic bamboo and includes a bowl, sippy cup and feeding spoon for baby’s first meals. The lid can be removed from the sappy cup as they get older and you get braver to trust them with an open cup (this will take a lot longer).

Bamboo Baby Giftbox by Cink, €26, The Little Wooded Peg



As soon as my son could crawl, his obsession started with little matchbox cars (without any prompting from us). I eventually got him a very bright, nasty-looking roadmap rug. He was delighted and had hours and days of joy with it. H&M now has a much more attractive version that would look lovely in any baby room. Rugs are also easier to clean than carpets, babies tend to dribble and vomit every so often – it's all ahead of you!

Map-print cotton rug, €27.99, H&M Home


You don’t have to spend a fortune on artwork for the baby room. And everyone loves bunnies. These fine art prints are printed with sunlight-resistant inks on cotton mix art paper and will last a lifetime.

Rabbit II by Vivid Atelier, from €16, Fy!



They might be little people, but they are going to have lots of stuff. As in, way more than you can currently fathom or own yourself. A big toy box is great for a speedy room tidy when your mother-in-law is dropping in for a cup of tea.

Hansel Toy Box, around €116, Made


I initially thought a changing table was an overrated gimmick and wasn't prepared to spend a fortune on one. I quickly realised how wrong I was and, even more broke than pre-baby days, I found an old drinks trolley that I painted white. It was perfect, the height was just right, the changing mat fitted into it as if it was made for it and the shelf below was great for storing nappies, wipes and Sudacrem. If the idea of a drinks trolley in your baby room is too much of a juxtaposition, then have a look at the Sniglar changing table from Ikea, it is cheap, simple and practical. 

Sniglar Changing table, €25, Ikea



Featured Image: Bunny & Clyde

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