Sophie Turner deserves to have a wedding day with some privacy

This week, for the second time, a wedding guest of Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner revealed more details about a wedding the star is trying to organise. Public figure or not, she has a right to keep details private and control how and when details are shared

How much do you know about wedding etiquette? When it comes to posting photos of the happy day, some of us are eager to share our joys with the couple by sharing every detail. This is fine - provided you have permission first.

In our Instagram-happy age, it's easy to forget to hold off on the filtering until the bride and groom do, but not to wait really seems like an invasion of privacy.

The same holds true for celebrities. Yes, they do live a glamorous life in the public eye but they deserve to control their narrative nevertheless, especially when it comes to nuptials.


Earlier this year, Game of Thrones actor Sophie Turner and singer Joe Jonas married each other in an impromptu Las Vegas ceremony. It was done in a way which seems to truly fit the young couple's personalities.

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They did not announce the wedding and haven’t publicly shared any photos or videos from the day, which suggests that they very much wanted to keep it a private event. Understandable, given that it's their wedding! However, one of their guests – musician Diplo - decided to pretty much live stream the whole thing on his Instagram, according to Jonas.

Filters were used but he didn't ask permission.

“We didn’t choose him to be our wedding photographer"

“We didn’t choose him to be our wedding photographer,” Turner told Graham Norton on his show afterwards. “He just kind of decided to live-stream it.” Jonas also aired his annoyance over the leaked footage during an interview on Capital Radio, saying Diplo “ruined” things.

According to an Instagram post, the couple is now in Paris to do the wedding again with close friends and family. They didn't share dates but thanks to a guest - US personality Dr Phil sharing that the second set of vows were only "a week away" we now pretty much know when this will be.



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Turner previously revealed vague plans for the wedding during her chat with Norton but refused to give any further details other than “it’s happening.”

Trying to take control

It's something small in the grand scheme of things - and that's the risk you take on social media as a celebrity - but it feels unfair too. By Turner uploading the photo herself, she is at least trying to take ownership of her narrative.

She - and her husband - should be the ones to share the more intimate details if and when they choose to - rather than feeling backed into a corner as they did after their Vegas nuptials.

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Gwyneth Paltrow springs to mind, remember she chose to share with the public the joy of her recent wedding day to now-husband Brad Falchuk, and it looked suitably Goopy and glorious, as seen over on her official website.


Details of the decadent day have also emerged, as Paltrow and Falchuk revealed they (“the Faltrows”) served 45 individual carrot cakes (the bride’s choice) and 45 chocolate and vanilla cakes (the groom’s choice) made by Brooklyn-based bakery Nine Cakes.

The takeaway is that the decision was taken by the couple to control who sees what on the day.


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Again, the minute details are so important on the biggest day of your life. Who sees you, who doesn't - at least until you're well and ready to share - deserves to be respected.

Public figure or not.

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