Ski Trip Essentials: Kirchberg

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The Country: Austria

The Town: Kirchberg

The Activity: Skiing

The Airport: Salzburg - 90 minutes away.



Random Fact: Before you drink, toast by clinking glasses while looking the other person in the eye, if not, you will be considered rude and apparently will have seven years of bad sex.

The Experience:

Sipping fruity concoctions at a tasting tour in the Erber Schnapps Distillery in Brixen, I'm exhilarated - I survived my first day back on the slopes.

Breathtaking not only describes the scenery of the Kitzbuehler Alps, with its 170 KM of pistes, but also the feeling of??zig-zagging and at moments (when losing control), of whizzing?'down the well-planned runs. Word of warning, the chairlifts can be tricky - I witnessed a few disaster dismounting attempts, including my own cringe-worthy moment of not hoping off, resulting in the conveyor belt being stopped - cue red face.

Having not ?clicked in? for five years, I remained within smelling distance of Sem, top instructor from Skischule Kirchberg. ?Benzee knees and lean down the mountain? he repeated daily. Continuous parallel skiing I was not, but it's good to leave with a goal for next time (at least that's what I tell myself).


With inviting pit-stops galore, you never have to ski for long before a hot chocolate or beer-indulging moment arises.??The fresh, cold air and adrenaline fuels a good feed and with comforting dishes like Tiroler Gr'stl - a fried egg, saut?ed potatoes and bacon combo, or the pancake-inspired ?Kaiserschamarrn Omlette Rosolato? to feast on, you won't leave hungry.

It's also a good cure if the Apr's Ski was mighty, which is likely on this type of holiday.?It's tempting to lounge about with most mountain-top eateries sporting epic views and'deck chairs??? even if only the face, and maybe the hands catch the rays.?Keep going though and reward your effort in the evenings.

For Apr's Ski: Der Tiroler Bar and Eisbar are the favourites. The ?Apple Strudel? shot is a must and don't forget to play Hammerschlagen - a game where you compete to see who will be first to hammer a nail into a log first.

For Eating:

Hotel Br?uwirt - complete with a wheelchair-friendly bar.


And in nearby Kitzb?hel, the fancier resort, you'll find the Casino which boasts an exceptional, tastebud-treating menu and a wine list to match. As the name suggests, gambling is possible but not without a shirt or smart dress and €27.50 gets you €30 worth of chips, the playing kind.


For Sleeping:

4 Star Style ?

Zentral Hotel

Hotel Metzgerwirt

3 Star Style ?


Kolpinghaus Apartments, Kitzb?hel


Don't Pack: High heels


Do Pack: Lip balm - I suggest the Lancaster Winter Sun wind and cold protection cream & stick SPF50


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