Several Tasty Reasons Why You Should Whip Out The BBQ Today

September may be just around the corner but the summer has JUST arrived. Before it vanishes again (here's hoping we get this article written before the clouds descend), it's time to whip out the coals and get barbecuing. And even the heavens do open on us, what better way to spend a lazy afternoon than tucking into some incredibly flavoursome grub, all in the comfort of your own home? Enter Marks & Spencer, the saviour of folks who have great taste but little time on their hands.

Here's just a smattering of what's on offer at M&S while the sun's still shining.

Forget your plain old hot dogs and burnt-to-a-crisp burger buns, here we're talking about such delights as cucumber, gin and mint relish, chipotle chili bean burgers (for the veggies among us), butternut and smoked paprika bangers and pulled pork and caramelised apple burgers. Okay, calm down, wipe away the dribble and proceed.

Hungry? Us too.


Marks & Spencer


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