Chanel Film Starring Pharrell and Cara

Just last week, we gave you a sneak peek of Karl Lagerfeld's newest video for Chanel starring Pharrell Williams and our beloved Cara Delevingne. This morning, the Chanel film, Reincarnation, has been released in all of its eye-catching but kind of bizarre glory.

The seven-minute musical has been created for the M?tiers d?art collection in Salzburg, and retraces the history of the iconic Chanel jacket. The gowns and costumes, are of course as pristine as you would expect. It also boasts of an exclusive Pharrell track ?CC The World?. Throughout the song, Cara can be heard chirping ?CC?, a homage to Chanel's infamous logo.

chanel film

As detailed by Cara Delevingne's instagram, the two play Emperor Franz Joseph I who was both the Emperor of Austria and the King of Hungary, and Empress Elisabeth of Bavaria. However, they appear first as a bellboy and a hotel maid before moonlighting that night to waltz together as the royal couple, then going on to dance in a style that we can only really describe as 'crunking' as the video begins to become even more unusual.

Reincarnation was premiered ahead of tonight's Chanel Salzburg show, which both Cara and Kendall Jenner will model in, forgoing the Victoria Secret Show.


What do you think of fashion designer's newest video creation? Watch the Chanel film for yourself here.

Hannah Popham @HannahPopham

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