Patrick Stewart Gives Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" Some Shakespearean Gravitas

Twitter is all aflutter with Patrick Stewart officially?joining?Taylor Swift's #SwanSquad after his awesome Shakepearean recital of 'Bad Blood'. Here's why we're welcoming this announcement?with open arms:

1. His friendship with Ian McKellan is the dictionary definition of "Bromance". The two became close while filming?The X-Men?movies and McKellan even got?ordained so he could officiate?Stewart's wedding in 2013. They document their friendship across the globe in adorable matching bowler hats. What more could you want from a best friend?

? Happy New Year! - A video posted by Patrick Stewart (@sirpatstew) on




2. Which brings us nicely to our next point that he's active on social media?in the most adorable way.

gelato game on fleek A video posted by Patrick Stewart (@sirpatstew) on


And he used the term "fleek" correctly, at least we think it's correct. 'Fleek' is like one of those words you know what it means but you're not sure about how it's pronounced so you hold off?until someone else says it. Except in this case it's the other way around.

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3. He has been heartbreakingly outspoken about his experience with domestic violence and a fervent advocate for Amnesty International on the subject. Check?out his op-ed for The Guardian?on his difficult childhood and his impassioned'response to this audience member's question about violence against women.


4. He's one of the world's most revered stage actors and any man attempting to play the iconic Prospero in The Tempest?has Stewarts absurdly large shoes to fill.


5. And he has now joined Taylor Swift's Swan Squad after she heard him recite a segment of "Bad Blood" and we have to be honest, it's pretty freakin awesome.

She got wind, told Stewart and McKellan that they were "the ULTIMATE squad goals". Even Stewart's response is on fleek (is that right?!).

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