Mila Kunis Reveals She Did Marry Ashton

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have been keeping the masses guessing for quite some time as to the officialdom of their very cute union. Not only are their PDAs adorable, but their excursions to basketball matches and country music festivals suggest they are as down to earth in real life as they appear in interviews.

The couple welcomed their first child together last year, a girl named Wyatt, but have always been evasive when it came to confirming anything about their relationship. Ashton has left a series of clues on his social media with an Instagram post in January signed off ?The Kutchers?. Mila talks about Ashton in interviews, apparently he's a great dad, but she never uses words like husband or fianc?.

Nothing definitive was ever said, despite the spotting of an engagement ring on the Jupiter Ascending actress? finger. Mila sort of revealed her marital status last night on James Corden's new chat show, The Late Late Show - not our Late Late. Mila simply said ?Maybe? to Corden's questions but when he pointed out the wedding band she was wearing, we all knew the score.

Corden took over the presenting role from Craig Ferguson. With such a buzz surrounding the Into The Woods actor's first episode, it's all rather encouraging for the comedy star. We're chuffed to say we ?knew? him all the way back when Gavin & Stacey marathons were getting us through headache laden Saturday afternoons.

Have a look at James Corden's spectacular scoop and an initially very coy Mila in the video below.


Overall James did a stand up job and even managed to get the incredibly charismatic Tom Hanks to reenact some of his most well known films in 8 minutes. Big laugh out loud for the Turner and Hooch reference.

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