Lucy Kennedy: What Makes Me Feel Good

We catch up with busy mum of two and familiar face on Irish TV screens, Lucy Kennedy who shares what makes her feel good, as part of our 'Get Happy' campaign!

Before bed I read Saving Grace by Jane Greene

My family are?everything?to me

The song that will always cheer me up is?Primadonna Girl

The song I can't not dance to is Dancing Queen by Abba


My happy place is?home

My perfect day would be spent?on the beach with my kids Jack and Holly

The one thing I eat for a happy tummy is?yoghurt

All I want in life is health and happiness

Life would be nothing without?family and friends

To me, the definition of happiness is?being content with what you have

My ultimate guilty pleasure: song The One, Elton John movie Ahcnorman?food?Pepperoni Pizza


My cheer me up person is?Richard my husband, because I love him

Life is too short for jealousy

I wish I could tell 16 year old self that?you will be okay!

When I'm old and grey I hope?that I have no regrets.

Lucy is currently ambassador with Flora Light. For light sandwich ideas and more, head here.

Lucy Kennedy

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