Julia Loves Amal. Who's Your Girl Crush?

Earlier this week Julia Roberts gushed to Extra TV about Amal Clooney, who is basically her new girl crush. Roberts went to dinner with the human rights barrister and husband George while shooting Money Monster in New York with the Oceans Eleven star. Julia said of Amal, ?George doesn't need my approval, but I'm quite enamoured with her.? *The whole world nods along.* Amal is one of the world's leading lawyers on issues relating to international justice and counts the Hooded Men case among her do-gooder briefs at the moment. She's also an established fashion icon and is besting red carpet pros at various formal events in recent months.

In celebration of this girl-on-girl platonic love fest, we've decided to ask around the office ?Who's your girl crush?? Let us know yours in the comments!

Phoebe Philo

The absolute epitome of Girl Crush for me is Phoebe Philo, head designer at C?line. Not only has she managed to create an instantly recognisable brand and the most utterly timeless clothing and accessories ( I WILL own a pair of C?line sunnies this summer), but she's totally unphased by the fashion industry too. She's cool, laid back and sound as a pound. I can totally see us having a coffee together in our white lace up C?line sneakers outside a Paris caf?, discussing everything from the latest Matisse exhibition to the perils of Instagram. I love her!


Jo Linehan, Junior Editor of IMAGE magazine, @jo_linehan

Dakota Johnson

Most people viewed the Fifty Shades of Grey press tour as an unmitigated disaster. Co-stars Johnson and Jamie Dornan were followed by rumours of on-set strife and vehement dislike. Video interviews were analysed by gossip sites, especially that very awkward Glamour one. Red carpet pictures were pored over with microscopes. Were those the spaced out stances of mortal enemies, who had to straddle each other naked in the name of almost pornographic art? However, the media circus surrounding the adaptation of E.L. James bestselling erotic novel led me to a deep admiration of young actress Dakota Johnson.

Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson's daughter has many things going for her, other than that Hollywood heritage. Her fashion sense is great and she brings an American cool to Chanel whenever she dons one of Karl Lagerfeld's creations. She makes a great case for bangs, even though my every attempt at a fringe has led to me asking my boyfriend why he let me do this. And Dakota's acting talent is undeniable. She made a badly written character charming and gave her every line in a stilted script socks. There's something incredibly laudable about a woman who powers through a tough job and gives it her all, when the rest of the world is smirking and cracking jokes about mummy porn and her pubic hair.

Jeanne Sutton, Senior Editor of Image.ie, @jeannedesutun


Caroline de Maigret

Caroline de Maigret, the music producer, model, philanthropist, author and all-round COOL PERSON is my girl crush. To me, she utterly embodies that insouciant French thing that I consistently crush on. At 39 years old she walks the Chanel runway and becomes a muse for Lancome, but you get the impression that she could pretty much take it or leave it. It's a thing she does, not a thing she chases - which is the ultimate in cool, non?

Also, her tomboy-ish style of wearing loose men's shirts with skinny trousers, men's shoes - she likes Church's and wears them by day, and sky-high heels by night - and that dishevelled hair is completely cool. She is the absolute example of someone with a signature style - it works and she sticks to it. I read once that she took the chain off her Chanel 2.55 bag as it was too 'ladylike' for her! Not that she's not ladylike - she absolutely is. She's ladylike in a fierce, free way that I admire and aspire to. She is also my fringe icon and may have been the reason I cut one into my own hair a year ago!

Ellie Balfe, Editor of Image.ie, @EllieBalfe

Tilda Swinton


Not only is she hugely talented, she forges entirely her own path - apart from those cut-glass cheekbones, she's the very antithesis of cookie-cutter Hollywood starlet.

Lucy White, Deputy Editor of CARA magazine, @LucyWhiteDublin

Alison Goldfrapp

She's a little firecracker. I interviewed her for a newspaper many years ago and was absolutely bricking it beforehand, not just in a never-meet-your-idols way but because rumour had it she was frosty with media. I accidentally ingratiated myself in the beginning, exposing my girl crush, and "if I get tongue-tied at any point it's because I've been a fan for YEARS". She shot back with laconic, ice-breaking wit: "Oh no...". Fortunately, she was very nice and didn't shatter my illusions. And she's a compelling performer.

Lucy White, Deputy Editor of CARA magazine, @LucyWhiteDublin


Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore is pure class. A fabulous actress, and seemingly unstarry. She also has great style.

Lucy White, Deputy Editor of CARA magazine, @LucyWhiteDublin

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston may not have a fashion empire at her feet, nor is she one of the world's leading human rights lawyers, but this ultimate girl next door (thanks to her role as Rachel in Friends) has always been my go-to girl crush. More than most in the public eye, she's had her every move scrutinised under the glare of the media spotlight, and she's never handled with anything but poise. Despite the fact that we're more than ten years passed her break-up with Brad Pitt, she continues to be labelled as 'poor Jen' by the press. Though the whole world seems to concern themselves with her romantic endeavours (such as, 'when will poor Jen get her fairytale wedding?') she's always been able to laugh it off. She knows what counts and what doesn't. Her comedic streak is unrelenting and unlike many others in the business, she's never taken herself too seriously. What's more, as much as she's known for her funny bone, she can just as easily flex her more dramatic muscle in roles such as Cake and The Good Girl. Style wise, she's got her signature look nailed. She keeps things plain and simple, but always classy. A girl after my own heart. If there was one woman I'd like to share a bottle of prosecco with, it's her.

Caroline Foran, Deputy Editor of Image.ie. @CarolineForan


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