15 Things To Know About Deadly Woman Roisin Agnew

The brand spanking new podcast - aptly called 12 Angry Minutes has landed today. It is the work of Irish journalist and general all-around kick ass?woman, Roisin Agnew.

Intelligent, topical and funny, it will tackle controversial issues with each episode and looks at how we can harness anger and turn it into creative energy. Sounds interesting, right? ?The first one features artist Jesse Jones, who uses her 12 minutes to address the?lack of abortion rights on our Emerald Isle and compares it to a modern day witch trial.

With every episode, Agnew's guest will discuss something surprising that's making them angry for twelve minutes. Forthcoming guests include activist Anna Cosgrave, comedian Tara Flynn, comedian and artist Hugh Cooney, artist Maser and designer and illustrator Wasted Rita.

Want to get inside the mind of Roisin? Here are a?few?quick-fire questions we put to her...


Your YouTube comfort food?
Weird animal stories and sharks videos.

#SquadGoals / three people you'd invite to a dinner party.
Patti Smith, Edna St Vincent Millay, and Amy Schumer.

Who is top of your PMS playlist?
Phil Collins or Grimes.

If Ireland still had its own currency, which woman would you put on the?tenner?
Countess Markievicz.

What makes you proud to be an Irish woman?
Waking the Feminists made me proud and the amount of eccentricity Irish women seem to be capable of.

And what makes you angry?
Dublin's relationship to communal space.


Advice?you wish someone gave you five years ago?
Being dissatisfied means you work harder and get things done faster so it's not all bad.

And the advice you'll give anyone who will listen?
If you're not happy in a job quit it.

Ideal way to while away a weekend?
Themed costume party on the beach in warm weather with a lot of dancing.

Where would you time travel to and why?
The 70s because you could experiment without knowing the consequences.

Your mantra?

Can you recall a life-changing event?
Getting into Columbia School of Journalism. I never went, it was too expensive, but it made me feel like I was worth something.


Your make-up item/weapon of choice?
Black Kohl?eye?pencil.

Dream sandwich?
Foccacia bread with good quality mozzarella, prosciutto, tomatoes, and fresh basil.

Most treasured item of clothing/accessory?
Syrian earrings I made my dad buy me when I was 18.

Where do you want to be when you're 40?
In my own real-life Woody Allen movie set in New York.

In conversation with Jeanne Sutton.

Listen to the first episode of 12 Angry Minutes here.

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