How To Manage A Career You Love With Sin?ad Brady

Here at IMAGE, we always strive to help our readers with the challenges that they face in their lives. We all have so many things to juggle between work and home life, that sometimes it can all get too much. That is why, with our latest IMAGE Mentoring Workshop, we aim to make the whole process a little bit easier.

Change in your professional life, either expected or unexpected, has a habit of making us feel uncomfortable. With over 12,000 possible careers to choose from, finding and thriving in the ?one? is challenging. Complicated by lives lived out in an increasingly demanding world, not surprisingly, many of us struggle with change - but fear not!

Join Sin?ad Brady, from A Career to Love to hear the practical advice you need to successfully manage change in an ever-changing world.

Learn the skills you need to define your own version of career success, discover why failure is your friend, and why you need to trade in the notion of work-life balance for work/life blend. By shifting the lens from change to progress she will teach you the skills you need to begin the process of understanding your career story while also building your resilience and confidence.

Want to hear more? We will have a fabulous Mo?t reception with paired canap's starting at 5.30pm in the 5 Star Merrion Hotel on Wednesday, July 13th. For tickets click here, email [email protected] or call 01 271 9615.

*Limited tickets available.





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