Heartbreak For Ed Sheeran

Power up the Spotify and pour yourself a glass of sparkling ros?, Ed Sheeran is single again.

The English singer recently split from his girlfriend Athina Andrelos and confirmed the sorry tale on Australian radio this week. During the show, the presenters Kyle and Jackie O pressed Sheeran about his dating status, with the singer admitting he had been in a relationship but is now single. However, things took a turn for the emotional, with one of the hosts saying on air that this line of questioning made Ed look as if he was ?about to start crying - you shouldn't have asked that."

The world you're looking for is awkward.

While the end of Ed's relationship with Athina is bound to get a lot of tabloid attention, the young? couple were lucky enough to enjoy a reprieve from media attention for the most of the time they were together. The couple were together for over a year, but it was only earlier this year that most people found out about the relationship, after Athina's Instagram was uncovered by news websites.


A photo posted by Athina Andrelos (@athinaandrelos) on Jul 27, 2014 at 5:02am PDT



There were a lot of photos of the couple goofing around like a normal pair of lovers in their twenties. It's always sad to see a relationship that seemed super loving end, and we hope Ed will find a way to deal with his heartbreak.

Maybe he'll take a leaf from Taylor Swift's book and turn these emotions into album material?

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