Graphic Designer Ali Jones

Get Up?We get up at 7 or so, whenever we hear ?Mama? or ?Dadddeeee? on the monitor!?Lola and I have breakfast together- she's a hungry little mite in the morning so has a couple of Weetabix and some fruit, and I have a punnet of raspberries or an orange and some peppermint tea. Chris takes over after his shower and dresses her in what I have picked out. Not because I'm an outfit Nazi, but because there have been a couple of times where I've teased his choice- he wouldn't be the best at choosing her kit for the day! I buy lots of her bits in MiraMira in Sandymount (love that shop!) as well as from H&M, Benetton, and Danish brand Oobi. When the two of them are ready, Chris brings Lola to cr?che and I have my shower and get straight to work.

Get Dressed?I let go of my office in town when I had Lola so I work from home now. I have a lot of meetings during the week so I wear a Louise Kennedy blouse, my ubiquitous skinny jeans and a blazer or Sphere One cardigan, top and skinnies at my desk.

Get Working?The name Twin Design is a bit of a misnomer! My sister Alex and I?(who are not twins!) were going to be partners: Alex was going to bring in new business and I'd be on design only, but Alex's career took a different path and I'd already started trading so I thought, what's in a name!?I have a very varied client base which is great. At the moment I'm working on some high end property brochures for DTZ and Sherry FitzGerald, a couple of bespoke wedding stationery suites, branding for Rock Farm in Slane and another branding job for a small dairy. My newest client is Clodagh McKenna; I've been working on a logo and menus for her new restaurant in Blackrock so I'm pretty excited about that! As well as my design consultancy, I have my greeting card business - ?Gift? Cards by Twin Design. It's enormously time-consuming but I love designing them- it's really satisfying seeing them in the shops and getting orders online. My favourite project of late, though, was'doing the branding for my husband's cider business, Orpens Cider,?which was released in June 2012, so we'll be celebrating it's first birthday very soon!

Get Out?I was running a lot, admittedly to help lose my baby weight until I recently discovered that the best way to lose the baba jiggle is to walk for 30 minutes 3 times a week at your optimum fat burning level. It's surprisingly easy and lower impact: less red face, more weight loss?win, win!

Get Home?I'm thankfully too busy at the moment to write a ton of envelopes during the day so I pack up the orders I've had that day from or my online shop - whilst watching a couple of hours of TV - Hannibal or The Fall (or Britain's Got Talent - I know, I know!)?I have a lot of projects on so I work quite late a lot of evenings too, but I try to avoid this where possible.


I can't live without my Armani Mascara.

My Desert Island Product is?Eve Lom cleanser.

My Favourite website for inspiration is?Pinterest.

Last book you read?This is a tough one. I'm semi-ashamed to say I'm not a reader. I don't have the concentration span for sitting down and going into that world. I guess I'm much'more interested in the visual.

Music you're listening to...?Absolutely loving Daft Punk's Random Access Memories. My favourite track is Lose Yourself To Dance.?My song of the Summer without a doubt.

What people don't know about me is ?I went to five schools! I wasn't an errant kid or anything, we just moved house and whatnot. Lil? Lola won't be doing this!

If I wasn't doing this, I'd be doing jewellery design, photography or just my greeting cards.


My perfume is?Armani Code or L?Occitane Green Tea

To see more of Ali's work, check out Twin Design here


Photographs by Ailbhe O'Donnell @Ailbhe O'Donnell,?

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