Gigi Hadid Snaps Back At Twitter Troll In The Best Way

If you're prepared to troll Gigi Hadid, then you better brace yourself for the sassy comeback she'll no doubt destroy you with. Another day, another barrage of keyboard warriors, so full of vitriol for whatever number of reasons, just waiting to throw shade at those whom they choose to follow. Yes, it makes no sense, but these people are avid fans of hate-following. You'd think Gigi Hadid's following was made up of 100% fans, but no; like every other celebrity, there will always be those ready to pounce. The latest attack on Gigi comes after she posted a photo of her current boyfriend, Zayn Malik, with the caption 'I mean...'

To which some hater responded, "Practise how to walk properly instead of having a new bf every 2 weeks (sic)". Now normally best practice would be ignoring them entirely, but Gigi's quite frankly done with being nice, snapping back with this zinger.


Oooh, burn. We love the 'hun' too; acidic isn't it?

The three she is referring to are Zayn (present), Joe Jonas (before Zayn) and Australian singer Cody Simpson.

This wouldn't be the first time Gigi's lashed out at critics. She famously defended herself against trolls who declared her too curvy to model.

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