Get Ready For The Ultimate Bloggers Day Out

Calling all brilliant bloggers!

In our humble opinion, there's nothing more exciting than a group of creative, social media savvy personalities coming together for the greater good of the blogging world. And thanks to the Irish Blogger Association, that will be happening later this month.

The Irish Blogger Association has planned the Ultimate Bloggers Day Out on April 30th at The Radisson Hotel, Dublin 8, comprising of the infamous Irish Blogger conference and the inaugural Blogger Awards. Whether you're a blogging pro,?top content creator or a newbie who has lots to learn, this event is for you. ?Hosted by Jamie Tuohy and Barbara Scully, the conference runs from 10.15 AM to 5 PM and the Bloggers Choice Awards?will start at 8.30PM.

If you're a fan of trending topics, it doesn't get much better than this; the Irish Blogger Conference is a nationally trending event with a social media reach?of over 890K - last year's event had over 10 million impressions alone!

A crowd of over 200 will gather together network, chat, browse stands, swap stories tips and tricks hear the best how-to's from some of Ireland's top social media personalities in fashion, beauty, wellness, broadcasting, such as wellness Ambassador Alison Canavan, snapchat star James Kavanagh, model and food blogger Rozanna Purcell, as well as our own lovely Editor, Ellie Balfe, who had this to say about the event:

?As an ex-blogger myself, and a massive champion of all of our Irish bloggers, I am thrilled to be part of the conference. There's still something so edgy and exciting about the medium, and our thriving community of self-publishers shows we are still a nation of storytellers. Albeit in digital form!


Moving onto the Bloggers Choice Awards, there will be awards for bloggers across beauty, fashion, food, lifestyle, parenting, tech and more, as well as plenty of fabulous prizes to be won on the night.

In short: if you're a fan of blogging in any way, shape or form, this event is where it's all happening.

See you there!

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