Celebrities Who Dressed Up As Iconic Characters (And Won Halloween)

Ah, Halloween. To us mere mortals, it's a chance to dress up in a fairly average excuse for a costume - we're going for scary, not sexy thank you very much - but to celebrities, it's their chance to go all out (usually dressed as another equally famous folk) in a bid to secretly outdo each other on social media. If their costume choice is poor, we reserve the right to judge for they usually have a 'crew' to assist with the ensemble and therefore, no excuse but to wear anything less than stellar.

May we never forget the time Bette Midler dressed up as her witch alter-ego Winifred Sanderson (it was both amazing and slightly scary) and even this year, Clueless star Alicia Silverstone dressed up as the nineties version of herself, Cher her character from the film. She's due to make an appearance on what will surely be a lip sync battle episode gone viral and gets brownie points for wearing the iconic outfit (looking the exact same) when it isn't even All Hallows' Eve yet. Also, we love the irony that was Emma Roberts stepping out as Vivian Ward from Pretty Woman.


As there have been quite a few highlights through the years, we've compiled a gallery of celebrities who have done very similar, but did they pull it off as effortlessly as Silverstone? We'll let you decide...

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