It's finally payday, so we're talking money on The Spill

Have you ever had one of those days that screamed for a wine and chats sesh with your girlfriends? Enter's podcast, The Spill. The Spill is hosted by our very own self-proclaimed agony aunts Sophie White and Rhona McAuliffe. With a mix of discussion on current affairs, arts and culture and some healthy advice to our listeners, it's the best place to unwind and deliberate the issues affecting Irish women today.

The Spill is back with a new episode and the hosts are talking money. After what seems like the longest month of all time, payday is finally here and our hosts Rhona and Sophie have something to say about it.

Kicking off the show, they discuss their favourite things they've read on the internet this week; including Aoife Martin's piece on about the controversial Prime Time episode (about being transgender in Ireland) which aired on Monday night.

On the subject of money, Rhona and Sophie discuss the relationship they have with cash. From food to dental hygienists, the conversation surrounding money can sometimes be detrimental. They discuss the journey from marriage to babies – how this journey is changing – and how financial anxiety is now one of the main issues affecting millennials.


From job-hopping to the 'gig economy' to pensions, the hosts cover every inch of the topic.

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ways to save money in January

There is a special guest on the show this week in the form of Rosemary MacCabe; who discusses her extremely successful (and addictive) money diaries series, which examines her personal spending habits.

Transparency around the issue of money and what you earn is becoming commonplace. What once was a closed subject is now becoming more open. The moral weight of money and the judgement that comes from spending your own money is discussed, as well as how our perception of 'stuff' affects our money habits.

And finally, Rhona and Sophie give us their best book and audible recommendations to get us through the final days of January. Enjoy!

This week's new episode, and all the others you might have missed, are available here, as well as on iTunes and Spotify:


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