5 Cultured-Focused Irish Instagram Accounts To Obsess Over

It's very easy to fall down the #fitfam, #mua, or #Fblogger spiral of Instagram - we're with you on that. But have you ever used Instagram to discover new places, new things to do and see, or new cool people to follow(stalk)? If not, then here's your chance. Dublin is home to an abundance of thinkers, doers, painters, explorers and designers; and Instagram is a dead-easy way to discover them. To get you started, here are five of our favourite culture-focused Irish Instagram accounts to follow.

Rhona MacAuliffe's @OnlyRapid

One of our fave humorous writers Rhona MacAuliffe is in the process of creating a one-stop shop to showcase and celebrate the best driving forces in art, culture, theatre, media, strong minds, big hearts, and people who are leading generally V cool lives around our small island. Her website, onlyrapidarts.com, features some of the brightest females in the arts right now and makes for perfect reading material.


Amelia Eclectique at @ameliaeclectique

Journalist, blogger, and vintage expert Amelia divides her time excellently between Dublin, Milan, and Florence; sharing her euphorically colourful world with us through her Insta feed. Her eye for all-things baroque and renaissance will renew your appreciation for the arts and will make you want to go thrift shopping for vintage silk scarves this weekend. Just have a scroll and let the punchy colours and Renaissance fairground nostalgia mesmerize your eyes.

Dreaming of Dublin kaleidoscopes from further afield ??~ #livecolorfully #lafemmeeclectique ~

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Sophia Delgado's @IgersDublin

Sophia Delgado is the proud creator of the @IgersDublin Instagram. A Venezuelan native, Sophia fell in love with Dublin and its charm which sparked IgersDublin, and in turn, we have undoubtedly fallen in love with her. With a growing community of over 34K, she keeps her fans up to date with the best images and cultural events around Dublin and the wider country and holds informative and immersive cultural events (one of which takes place this Saturday and is free to attend!). The feed is also a great way to find brilliant photographers as Sophia regularly shares from some of her favourite accounts.


Tanya Byrne at @Tan.ya.ya

Recent textile and surface design graduate Tanya's culture and fashion-lead feed will unearth cravings that you didn't know you had. The designer captures her work and life which, like witchcraft, moulds into a perfectly colour-coordinated mishmash of things, people, and places. Similarly to her feed, Tanya's designs are influenced by beautiful colours that appear in everyday life.


Timi Ogunyemi of @Picthisdub

Born in Lagos but very-much made in Dublin, Timi Ogunyemi is a rare breed of intelligence, creativity, and passion. His adopted photographic style is unique to him, giving his feed an original appeal and he will bring you to places you never knew existed; giving you a fresh perspective on a city that you think you know inside and out.


No more grey skies #DublinColours : @tweetymonkey #urban #city #enjoyyourcity #picturethisdublin

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