Cara Delevingne Reveals Struggles With Depression And Self-Hatred

?Not so long ago, it seemed like supermodel Cara Delevingne ?had thrown in the towel for good on the world of modelling, with many making their own assumptions about why she would quit, based on some things she's said about the industry in the past. Now that she's back on the scene with a campaign for Saint Laurent, the truth about her brief hiatus has been revealed.

The 23 year old actress and model took to Twitter to get a few things straight, and though she usually keeps her cards very close to her chest in terms of her personal life, Cara took the opportunity to tell her fans that she suffers from depression.

In a series of tweets, Miss Delevingne showed both her vulnerability and her strength, and for that, we commend her; it's not an easy subject to tell the world about but the more people discuss it openly, the more it becomes normalised and the less people fear it. We hope she has the support around her that she needs.



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