Blondes Might Have More Fun...

But brunettes sell more to women...

Gentlemen may well prefer blondes, as the old movie title goes, but it seems, prefer brunettes. Especially when it comes to buying underwear. A new study, conducted by, arrived at this conclusion upon running their first ever national TV commercials earlier this year. Across channels such as Bravo, MTV and Lifetime, the lingerie site offered up three varying advertisements: one featuring a slim, blonde-haired model, one with a plus-size brunette and a third one with more than one brunette present in the commercial.

Proving that women now respond better to women that they can physically and perhaps emotionally relate to, the sales for the website more than quadrupled where the plus-size brunette was concerned, while the advertisement featuring the slender blonde failed to yield the same results. And it wasn't just plus-sized buyers whose interest was piqued, women of all shapes and sizes were responsive. What's more, the ad with the plus-sized brunette cost only a 10th of what the others cost. The ad with multiple brunettes also went out of its way to avoid any post-production retouches, and it did the best of all.

"Brunettes overall sell better than blondes," Adore Me founder Morgan Hermand-Waiche said to CNN.??Our customers?and women in general?prefer brunettes when it comes to purchasing lingerie. It's what we've seen.?


Though we can plainly see from this that women respond better where realistic body image takes precedence, we're not quite sure you can see this is a case of brunettes Vs blondes; surely, had they featured a plus-sized blonde model or a blonde model who hadn't been photoshopped, she would have garnered the same results?

Guess they'll have to delve deeper to find out and while they're at it, do blondes really have more fun? Either way, real women is where it's at.


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