Alexa Chung's Eponymous Fashion Label Has Launched In London

After years of being the coolest clothes horse imaginable, original It Girl Alexa Chung has launched her eponymous clothing line, simply entitled alexachung. Known for her quirky, Jane-Birkin influenced style, she has gained her legions of followers who are all hoping to emulate her effortless fashion choices. But now with the first solo collection, it's never been easier to dress like?Ms Chung. Literally.

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The line has over 150 pieces to choose from and will be on sale from May 31, both her own website - well as? ?The launch took place on May 30 in London with guests including Daisy Lowe, Pixie Geldof and Jack McGuinness in attendance.

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The video below - written and directed by Mike Skinner - showcases the line, with Alexa explaining on Instagram that it was made to celebrate her collection landing on MyTheresa.

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