After FOMO: The Five Acronyms That Could Sum Up Your Social Life

We can all breathe a sigh of relief, because thankfully, FOMO (otherwise known as the Fear Of Missing Out) is so last year. It was the rather evil acronym that started doing the rounds in 2011 and perfectly encapsulated (or enhanced) a feeling that we knew all too well: the worry that if we didn't drag ourselves out for drinks after work on a Friday night, we were missing out in a major way. We'd scroll through our social media feeds, seeing posts of the world and his wife living it up on the weekends and felt inadequate for choosing to forgo a wet night on the town in favour of PJs, Prosecco and a cheesy 90s movie.

However, you can breathe a sigh of relief as?The Guardian tells us that FOMO is about to be replaced by some new acronyms, which we can all start using to describe our social lives, should we wish.

BROMO: This is quite a nice one and is being used to describe an act of your bros (i.e., friends) not posting pictures of the party you missed, so as to avoid ?rubbing things in.? They are basically preventing you from feeling FOMO, which we're down with.

JOMO (Joy Of Missing Out):?You feel a sense of euphoric joy as you snuggle in front of the fire on Saturday night. You may be missing out, but you couldn't be happier. This one is about accepting the realities of the present and choosing to see behind the fun yet contrived snaps on Facebook and living in the now.

FOJI (Fear Of Joining In):?This is one we hope you won't feel that often and it's?based on the idea of opting out of a social event because you don't know anyone or worse, you're afraid?they won't like you. It also extends to social media whereby you opt out of Instagram for fear you won't get enough likes. We discourage such thoughts and encourage you to embrace being yourself, fun events and Insta-documenting head on. You have only one life, so?live it to the fullest.


SLOMO (Slow To Miss Out):?You've imposed a ban on Twitter the night something major breaks or you're the?last one to hear about the fun over the weekend, and everyone else has been talking about it for hours. Remember, tomorrow is another day so don't feel too badly.

MOMO (Mystery Of Missing Out):?This?is the suspicion that you are missing out on events not even documented on social media (often because the people at them are too busy ?experiencing the experience? as we should all be doing). Thus followed?by a feeling of panic because you can't actually tell if you're missing out thanks to say, a dead phone battery. If it comes down to the fact that you feel bothered by what social event is left off Instagram, it's time to start logging out of your account and expanding your social circle (and we mean that in as nice a way as possible). Kate Moss apparently inspired this by refusing to tell the world anything about her David Bowie themed Birthday Bash this weekend.

Even if you feel any of these now and again, the important thing is to focus on your happiness and fulfilling social life. Be wary of?the heavily-filtered 'best of' moments?that make up Twitter and the rest. They can be fleeting and are usually never an accurate indication of daily life.

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