10 Richard Gere Movies Ranked In Order Of Hotness

Richard Gere's middle name is Tiffany and today we found out he's one of the illustrious guests of the upcoming Audi Dublin International Film Festival. The humanitarian and actor will attend the Arnotts Gala screening of Time Out of Mind. (To read more about ADIFF, which runs 18th - 28th February in various venues across the capital, check out diff.ie.)

To mark this momentous chapter of our lives, I have prepared a definitive list of his ten best movies, ranked by hotness.

  1. An Officer and a Gentleman

To a lot of people, this movie is defined by the I-need-a-defibrillator final scene. Richard Gere's wannabe navy pilot Zack arrives at the factory where Debra Winger's Paula works and carries her out to a round of co-worker applause and the song Up Where We Belong swells alongside our hearts. But An Officer and a Gentleman is actually way more complex than that. It's about a man struggling to succeed in spite of past demons, escape, falling in love at the wrong time, finding the person who helps the world a little bit better, trapping pilots into marriage. Yes, Richard looks amazing in and out of uniform, but he's also thinking loads and furrows his beautiful brow on many occasions. I?would.

  1. Pretty Woman

We couldn't give this classic first place because it involves Richard's businessman Edward Lewis paying for sex. However, we can use this paragraph to wax lyrically, swooningly about the following scenes: the part where he takes Julia Roberts? Vivian Ward shopping after the shop assistants were meant to her, The Piano Scene, that trip to the opera, the limo at the end, how Vivian teaches Edward to relax and not close down that vague shipping company. Our crush has no shame.

  1. American Gigolo

It's about a male gigolo in 1980s Los Angeles who is framed for murder and is drenched in Armani. Of course it's number three.

  1. Unfaithful

The office is in agreement - one of the most underrated movies ever. Richard is the husband to Diane Lane's unfaithful wife and while we can't blame her for falling for Olivier Martinez, Richard is a pretty nice husband. It's a very handsome triangle with an air of menace hanging about. Watch it now.

  1. Primal Fear

There is something about duplicitous and handsome criminal defence lawyers that make us go maybe? Primal Fear is about a lawyer, Gere, taking on the case of an altar boy, played by a young and fascinating Edward Norton, who murdered an Archbishop but has no memory of what went down. It's twisty, thrilling, and Richard works an overcoat.

  1. Days of Heaven

This is a worthy movie about the working classes of the early twentieth century trying to make things less awful for themselves. Richard is young, he's working on the land, the dirt gets everywhere, his girlfriend enters into a maybe con of a marriage with a wealthy farmer. You already know no one will end up happy, so just appreciate a 1978 Richard like you would a €35 bottle of red wine.

  1. Sommersby

The plot of Sommersby is basically thus: after the American Civil War, a guy, played by Richard Gere, arrives in town after being presumed dead for six years and claims to be widow Jodie Foster's husband, who she did not like as he was not sound. Jodie sees Richard and is like, ?Yeah, maybe he is my husband??

  1. First Knight

If you say the words ?Lancelot? and ?Richard Gere? three times in a dark room, I will show up and tell you that although a bit dire, First Knight is a stellar duvet day movie. Richard plays the knight who breaks up Camelot's king and queen and wears his hair long, curling and dark while doing so.

  1. The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Here is Richard proving retirement is far from the death knell of attractiveness.

  1. Runaway Bride

In this movie Richard Gere plays a New York journalist who ruins Julia Roberts? life after he publishes a bitter article about how her small town gal has a tendency to run out on weddings. It's a dick move. He gets fired. Then he arrives in her hometown to clear the air, but he's secretly writing a follow-up to prove he was right about her nature. Twisted, isn't it? But it has a Dixie Chicks soundtrack so it's actually cute, isn't it? Leave your conscience at the door. There are some long brooding looks and Julia's smile changes a closed off soul for the better.


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