Watch Out for These Contemporary Clocks

?The eagerly anticipated Apple watch has been launched today, but it's not just the watch that has been reimagined. Check out these cool and contemporary updates to seven classic clocks?.

The Grandfather Clock

Modern living has put a a big strain on storage. As we tried to make ever inch count, chunky classic pieces of furniture like the grandfather clock quickly became obsolete. These days, he doesn't need his his weights and pendulum though, making room for lots of handy storage, while maintaining the icon shape, giving us the best of both worlds.
Pendel floor clock, €165, Ikea

The Desk Clock


This truly wacky desk watch doubles up as a mirror on the back?? total genius. If you're struggling for space on your desk, it makes sense to throw your timepiece in with your pens.
Spoon clock by Albert Lee, around €55,?Fleux

The Cuckoo Clock

This Italian-made cuckoo clock combines sleek design with bright colours. Diamantini + Domeniconi used perforated lacquered metal on the frame to highlight the internal workings which brings this swiss classic a cutting-edge feel.
Symmetrical cuckoo clock by Diamantini + Domeniconi, around €268,?West Elm

The Alarm Clock


A modern take on the retro faux-wood flip clock, which dominated bedside tables for decades. The simple design is merely a piece of wood in which to store your phone. The designers have developed a clock app to download.
Alarm cock dock, €35, April and The Bear

The Wall Clock

Simple form taken to the extreme, this wall clock from Stelton was designed by the German duo Jehs & Laub. The minute arm extends to form the outer edge of the clock face.
Stelton wall clock, around €149,?Scandinavian Design Centre

The Mantel Clock

Designed by David Hupton and Yve Thelermont, this is a pared=back and elegant version of the Napoleon-style mantel clock. The beech frame and monotone face contrast with the original, highly ornate designs.
Really Simple Clock, around €80,?Thelermont Hupton


The Glass Dome Clock

Glass domes could not be more trendy right now, so instead of struggling to find the right plant or antique to enclose, try out this up-to-date doom clock. Designer Alan Wisniewski for Umbra is keeping its magical suspension a secret, maintaining the walnut clock has to be seen to be believed.
Suspended clock by Alan Wisniewski, around €59,?Plush Pod

Shop the clocks here: 1?Ikea / 2 West Elm / 3 April & the Bear / 4 Scandinavian Design Center / 5 Thelermont Hupton / 6 Plushpod / 7 Fleux

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Michelle Hanley for?@Image_Interiors / @hanleymi

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