Trend: Meet Scandicrush

The where is obvious, but what about the who and the what?

Scandinavia is just the modern byword for effortless cool these days, so it makes sense that people would try to make everything possible scandi themed Our lovely bashling Jen even went on a scandi-moon last summer to scope out all the stunning spots for us. A few words of warning before you click through - you may start planning a Stockholm emigration escape before you finish reading the article.

The latest attempt to capitalise on our Viking cousins comes courtesy of the US-based Skandicrush, a monthly housewares subscription box in the Glossybox vein that deserves a gold star on the name front.

This week the New York Times interviewed founder Ana Denmark about the service which focueses on the simple design and clean lines that epitomizes Scandinavian design. Scandicrush is only a few months young and sent out its first (sold-out) $50 package in October, Ana however has grand ambitions for the site. This law school graduate knew she was onto a winner from the start, telling the Times that Ikea's popularity was one of her key indicators, ?I know people go to Ikea because it's inexpensive, but they are also being introduced to Scandinavian design. Also, the frequency with which Scandinavian homes show up on design blogs.?


And how does she decide on what goes in these boxes of artic circle joy? By looking ot the cultures respinsible for these inescapable design trends. The October Scandicrush focused on fika, the famous Swedish coffee break. November's theme is Mortensaften, the danish feastday of St. Martin's, which is devoted to eating goose. Subscribers can expect a salt-and-pepper grinder and tea towels.

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