Take Five: Our favourite bedside tables, available to buy now

If you have any kind of affinity for your bed (and if you don't, what kind of sleep-deprived robot are you?) then things will tend to pile up around it.

You've got to finish sending that email, want a read a chapter of a book and have a quick cuppa – all of which can happen comfortably from bed. And once we're in bed, we don't particularly like to get out, which is why it tends to get littered with the objects of your life as well as your sleep – Sunday newspapers, abandoned shoes, moisturiser, probably every single electronic charger you own. To help with clutter, and keep a check on your hoarding habits, we've selected some of our favourite bedside tables.

These tables are the first and last point of our days. They provide the perfect space for our alarm clocks, our reading materials, and a lamp. Bedside tables are a clever piece of design too, maximising storage, while keeping surface area to a minimum so your peaceful, calm bedroom doesn't resemble that of a hibernating animal's. We've rounded up our favourites, some for the late-night workers and readers, other for the escapists but most importantly, all for the dreamers.

These Minima tables will slide under the desk, giving you a neat mini desk option when required. Zeitraum — Waiter/Waitress beside tables, from €635, Minima


There's no need to be ashamed of that Jackie Collins novel you're reading, but if you don't want everyone snooping through your reading material or want a quick way to "tidy up", this is the nightstand for you. Noci Side Table, €1250.85, Nest

For the minimalists amongst you, keep it clean with this metal frame option. Maison 55 by Resource Decor Emerson Pull Up Table, €284.60, Houseology

The integrated light of this wall shelf is ideal for small spaces. Suite Luminous shelf—Vibia, €502.63, Made in Design


A simple but classy bedside table. Camille Bedside Table—Grey, €286.89, Cox & Cox


Featured image: Shirty locker in white, €205, Lamb Design

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