SJP And That Drinks Cabinet

It is no secret that we're big Sarah Jessica Parker fans here at IMAGE HQ. When we saw Vogue sat down in her Manhattan home for this delightful interview we sent a lot of inter-office messages. There may have been too many exclamation marks. In the above video SJP answers 73 quick fire questions about the most influential books in her life, Instagram versus Twitter, her favourite board game and her spirit animal. All while Vogue gander about her beautiful brownstone and we investigate how much one can zoom in on a Youtube video. We just want to psychoanalyse those loaded bookshelves...

The best part? That incredibly stocked drinks cabinet? The ping-pong table in the front room? Her impeccable hostessing skills? Nope, her face when she's asked ?Heels or flats?? is why we love her constantly fabulous self.


Jeanne Sutton @jeannedesutton

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