Six wild wallpapers that pack a punch

The thought of a busy wallpaper may not induce the fondest of memories. It can either bring back the stuffy, damp scent of our grandmothers out-dated living room or flashbacks of the last time we tried to remove some outdated wallpaper in a fit of redecorating. However, it's time to shake the cobwebs off these preconceptions and give wallpaper another go. And this time, the bolder, the better.

Wallpaper is a brilliant way to update a room that needs a touch of personality that otherwise might have been a vast, plain space. Whilst it’s always been around, we’re seeing a rejuvenation in bolder, more dramatic and crazier than ever prints and patterns this year. Striking features and contrasting palettes will create an intriguing yet eye-catching aesthetic to your home.

Allow yourself to play with design, textures and images is great fun and such a simple way to transform a space. So here’s six wild wallpapers top picks to help get you started.

April and the Bear delivers the perfect combination of modern and classical art in a fun and quirky way. This vibrant piece will uplift any space lacking in a little character. Watch Out! Wallpaper, €175, April and the Bear


Based on early 18th-century French textiles and furnishings, this energetic piece from the Little Greene will create a lively and engaging design throughout your home. Very DeGourney without the budget-busting price tag. Brodsworth-Empress, €120, Little Greene

If your not a huge fan of the nature-inspired motifs, then this geometric wallpaper by artist Glorinah Khutso Mabaso might be a better fit. The extreme neutrals, bold geometric patterns, careful use of colour and simple lines would make for great and feature wall in a bedroom. Bold Roots Raw Sienna, Quote on request, GLORINAH KHUTSO MABASO


This Alice in Wonderland-inspired piece would be perfect for a children's playroom or just a fun and playful addition to your home interior. Belladonna Light Wallpaper, £240, Witch and Watchman.


A monochromatic palette of ochre-yellow and midnight makes for a fresh and modern statement, bringing the best of old age Californian glamour into your home. Tarovine Velvet-Midnight/Ochre, €140, House of Hackey at Dust

Rebekah Hutchinson's endless abstraction draws inspiration from our surrounding environment and natural textures. Each design has its own unique combination of abstract marks that create a sense of curiosity, wonder and imagination within interior spaces. Forbidden Forest, Price on Request, Rebekah Hutchinson at Robin Sprong


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