Mr Darcy's House is For Sale

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Fancy Mr Darcy? Fancy buying his house?

Wentworth Woodhouse, a giant of a house that stands in South Yorkshire, England, and is said to have inspired Pemberley Estate - Mr Darcy's home in the beloved Jane Austen book Pride and Prejudice, is for sale, the Daily Mail reports. Most people know about Pride and Prejudice, either through reading the classic novel or watching the famous BBC adaptation, so expect this iconic listing to attract a lot of prospective buyers.

Originally built in 1725, by Thomas Watson-Wentworth, in its heyday there were 365 rooms, including a room for the barber and candles. Talk about swish. Guests were reportedly given confetti to create a trail from their room to the dining table.

Wentworth is currently managed and looked after by Clifford Newbold and his family, who have owned the estate since 1999. Although it's going for €7 million, it has sadly grown worn over the years, and it looks as though the next buyer will be burdened with a huge repairs bill, coming in around €42 million!

It was also once home to the Fourth Earl Fitzwilliam, who reputedly inspired the arrogant, proud man we are all in love with, Mr Darcy. Austen wasn't too subtle, considering she named her literary hunk Fitzwilliam Darcy. Wentworth Woodhouse has been used in various television and film productions over the years, appearing most recently in Mr Turner, and was occupied by the military during the Second World War.


And if the price tag isn't within your budget, you can go for a tour of the house with some Christmas dinner thrown in.

Finn Roche

P.S. Although the popular Colin Firth-starring 1995 Pride and Prejudice serial was actually filmed at Chatsworth House, that's no reason not watch Mr Darcy jump into a lake. Happy Sunday.

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