An expert's guide to finding the right countertops for your kitchen

Murphystone’s Carmen Ortega offers some advice on choosing the right stone for your kitchen countertops.

Having brought her passion for stone to Ireland 26 years ago, Carmen has worked directly with a number of Ireland’s leading designers and architects on a wide portfolio of high-end commercial projects and private home refurbishments. Admirers of the counters in Brown Thomas and visitors to the DLR Lexicon’s outdoor area will know the work of Murphystone already, we find out how to apply these design principles to the home.

Why SM Quartz? We launched Ireland’s first dedicated SM Quartz studio two years ago. Simply because it is the strongest and most durable material on the market. SM Quartz is stain, scratch and heat-resistant, making it perfect for busy kitchens. It gives the look and feel of a natural material, with all the benefits of a contemporary product.

Why choose SM Quartz over marble? We all like the cleanness and brightness of marble, but it stains and scratches terribly. SM Quartz can give you the beauty of marble, but with five times the strength of granite.

Carmen in the Sandyford showroom


What colours and finishes are available? Our selection is the best in the market; there are 100 colours in different styles. We have the clean modern look, in both soft and strong colours, then we have the veined marble look in various thicknesses, and we also have the Metropolis range, which is a concrete look.

As a counter is a long-term investment, would you advise people to opt for more neutral designs? It all depends on your personality. Your home is your palace! Some people will be happier in a more understated, calming environment, while others thrive better in colour and with a statement. It has to be your personal choice, regardless of independent advice.

Visit Murphysone’s SM Quartz showroom at Murphystown Road, Sandyford, Dublin 18. Call 01 533 7155
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Photography: Michael Conlon

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