7 Cute Coffee Accessories to Perk Up Your Day

Brew up a storm with these beautiful coffee accessories...

We don't know about you, but chic coffee accoutrements really add to our enjoyment of the perfect cup of joe. Think about it: you don't actually enjoy the taste of wine from a mug or, God forbid, a paper cup, do you? No, of course you don't. And just as any right-thinking person pours their wine into an appropriately shaped glass, glorious coffee deserves the same respect. Scroll down for our coffee hit list...

1 Espresso cups by Arran Street East, ?15 each, Makers & Brothers


2 Brass and walnut pour-over coffee brewer, ?192, Kaufmann Mercantile

3?Set of two cork coasters, ?1, Ikea

4 Scaling spoon clip, around ?4, Hay. Image: takeovertime.co

5 Moka Express Cafetiera by Bialetti, ?33, Brown Thomas. Image: iiiinspired.blogspot.fr


6?Roasted Brown filter coffee range, ?14.50-?9, Love Supreme

7 Walnut coffee table, ?225, Ikea

1 Espresso cup / 2 Pour-over coffee brewer / 3 Cork coasters / 4 Clip scaling spoon / 5 Bialetti Moka Cafetiera / 6 Roasted Brown filter coffee range / 7 Walnut coffee table

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