The Momma Jeans

High-waisted, bum-enhancing and with the longest flies you've probably ever seen if you previously belonged the low-rise, low-waisted, midriff exposing era - the momma pants are here to stay. And they're dividing opinion, what with their Levis 501 retro look that was synonymous with 'soccer moms? from 1990's cult classics, and their unflattering bum and waist. But we cannot deny that we love them, both ironically and as a serious fashion staple. They're a dress-up, dress-down option that doesn't need much thinking about. Brands have also taken their own approach to the trend, bringing out variations on the shape and denim so as to give the momma pants a more accessible look. But we love that 90's audaciousness of the momma pants and have no need to make them more palatable. They've got just the right amount of ugly and beauty to make them a style obsession.

Roisin Agnew @Roxeenna


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