How To Make Shirts Look Sexy

There's nothing sexier than putting a feminine spin on a traditionally masculine piece of clothing. Button-down shirts not only have masculine associations, but corporate connotations too, so subverting them into something slightly erotic feels quite cutting edge. Here are several ways to make shirts look sexy.

Shoulders remain fashion's favourite erogenous zone. Strategically flashing a bit of flesh transforms what could be quite a formal outfit into one that's contemporary and cool.

There's nothing subtle about this look, but it certainly reimagines the conventional white shirt. If a bra top is a little too much for you, try a camisole instead.


Layering a shirt over a T-shirt makes this shirt look much less formal. But this outfit is made really sexy by the high-waisted, leopard-print skirt, which creates a very feminine silhouette, and the slogan T-shirt, which,I think, provocatively reads Make Contact.

Create an hourglass silhouette with on oversized or corset-style belt. It contrasts beautifully with the minimalist blue cotton shirt worn here by Vogue fashion features director Sarah Harris.

Take inspiration from the street style star below and make it look like you've just crawled out of bed and thrown on your boyfriend's shirt - there's nothing sexier.

Rather than "deconstructing" how a conventional shirt is worn, this fashion-show goer has worn it straight, but used a layered cropped sweater to showcase how the female form looks in a tightly buttoned shirt.


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