8 sunny straw hats to shade your face in style during this heatwave

Perfect for the beach, the back garden or to jazz up your next Zoom meeting

Next to slathering on the SPF, shielding your face is the best thing to prevent sun damage — and we all know it isn't a great look as our skin begins to age. Hopefully you've gone past the point of wanting to scorch your skin to achieve what kind of looks like a tan, but if you still want to enjoy the sunshine, a great hat should be your accessory of choice.

Straw hats are a staple of a summer wardrobe at any age, and you can go as big or as modest as you like. Super wide-brimmed beauties have recently come to the fore thanks to the likes of Jacquemus, but you can jazz your iteration up in a myriad other ways, such as a patterned ribbon or tie neck.

Best of all, these whimsical beauties are great for shading your face and keeping your head and ears from burning when the sun is strong. Remember to regularly top up the SPF, pop one of these on, and you're good to go.


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ASOS DESIGN large straw hat with size adjuster in brown, €30.42 from ASOS


Jacquemus Le grand chapeau Valensole hat, €363 from Farfetch



Big straw hat, €19.99 from Mango


Pink straw wide brim hat, €32 from Topshop



Sensi Studio Ibiza glam lady hat, €330 from Farfetch 


ASOS DESIGN turned edge straw hat with removable ties and size adjuster in black, €19.36 from ASOS


Eliurpi floral-print wood and straw wide-brim hat, €607 from Farfetch



Warehouse Shrimps straw boater in green, €34.56 from ASOS


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